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Manifestation Tool Box Law Of Attraction

Manifestation Tool Box Law Of Attraction

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Manifestation Tool Box Law Of Attraction

Have you been trying to manifest more into your life? More love? More money? More excitement?

Have you been trying to make the Law of Attraction work for you, but you just don't know where to start or what method to use?

If so this Manifestation Tool Box was made for you!

It can be a powerful tool in creating the life you want. The idea is to use the products to support your manifesting journey .

In the box you will find:

Our beautiful abundance candle was created to help connect you to the universe and is ideal for use in meditation or to just light and fill your home with the love of your Higher Being.

A citrine crystal in an organza bag can be used to manifest. It has been recognised as a powerful magnet for money and prosperity. Citrine enhances your ability to manifest anything you truly want. Touching a crystal in itself has great soothing and calming benefits ideal to get into the right frame of mind for visualising your dream life.

A gratitude stone is a special stone you hold in your hand while expressing  gratitude. This stone comes in an organza bag. You can place it in an area you will see all the time, as a reminder to be grateful. This stone can be placed in your pocket too, to help you stay in a state of gratitude, which is an important part of the Law of Attraction process.

A gratitude journal to help you focus your attention on the positive things in life. The more positive we are, the more good things we attract.

A manifesting pen to write your goals, your desires, your dreams to help make them a reality.

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