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Souled In Love

Luxury Sympathy Hamper

Luxury Sympathy Hamper

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Luxury Sympathy Hamper

It's difficult to know how to comfort those who are grieving, but this  gift will express the sympathy that you feel.  It is often difficult to know what to say when somebody suffers a loss so we thought long and hard about putting a box together that would be appropriate in this situation.

The box contains:

Blanket to wrap around giving self time to heal.

Worry Stone - This has a feather on serving as a reminder you are always supported and presented  in an organza bag.

A Journal - filled with calming quotes, centring statements and soothing tips and exercises, this journal encourages you to record and reflect upon your most serene moments and experiences. Guiding you through different aspects of your life, this book will help you find daily moments of calm, allowing you to take charge of your own well-being.

A rich vanilla Scented Candle - Wishing you strength for today, the candle is boxed with a lovely design on the outside.

A personalised message can be added to the box.

Items may vary in colour and design.

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