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Dedicated to Being Happier?

Dedicated to Being Happier?

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DATES:  8th August Workshop 

Do You Want to be Happier?

This workshop will start with a relaxed chat in a friendly, calm atmosphere.

We will have a discussion about how to be more positive and how to get to and stay in a great place in your thinking using the Law of Attraction.

There will group exercises before finishing with a Mindset Meditation.

We share videos, ideas, strategies and no two sessions are the same.

You are able to share or just listen there is no pressure to participate.

Some of the feedback from other group members has been that they feel energised after the group, the group changed their life and the group helped them recognise that happiness is a choice, to name just a few.

If you are interested in joining our Happiness Workshop, book today!

Venue: Healing Haven, Hooton – 6.30-8pm, £10


Please see some kind words from one of our regular workshop-attendees below. These words really mean the world to us:

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world", a quote by Anne Frank. Not that I consider my circumstances similar to hers, however I know exactly what she meant.

The Law of attraction meetings that I have attended now for some time, are a group full of people so like minded and friendly, all with their own reasons for being there. We are all there for the same purpose, to put the power of positive thinking into action and to change our naturally negative minds.

Hand on heart, I was very negative and in a blue place when I started due to ill health, feeling hopeless about most things. Now I can say I leave these meetings with excitement for the next. I practice every day and envisage a happy future, and think about the stories shared by others.

I can honestly say, I am inspired by this group, which makes me keen to learn more and practice harder.

Excellent company, great learnings and an absolute investment with your time.

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