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Souled In Love

Connect with the Loving Energy of Angels

Connect with the Loving Energy of Angels

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NEXT COURSE: 21st May 2023 

Angel Workshop 
Healing Haven Hooton | 2 - 4:30PM | £30

Do you believe in Angels?

Recent research states that more than half of us do. If so, come along and meet like-minded people!

The workshop consists of teaching, exercises, meditations, readings and opportunities to share your understanding (if you have any) with others.

Join us in Hooton and nurture your soul by connecting with the loving energy of the angels for healing yourself and others.

Learn the powerful meditations for cleansing and purifying the heart and mind.

Connect with your angels for enlightenment.

This course promotes self-healing and spiritual growth. Our unique style comes from personal teaching, research and our own experiences.

You will deepen your understanding of your spiritual connection to the Angelic Realms.

You will gain more knowledge of mystical belief. Open your heart to forgiveness and healing.

Use techniques for the protection and grounding of yourself. The workshop is an opportunity to meet others who have an interest in connecting with the Angelic realms.

Everyone is welcome to share this wonderful light filled morning.

You have a guardian angel who has been with you from the moment you chose to come to Earth. This being of pure white light will be with you until you return to the heart of the universe.

Angels are the heartbeats of the universe extensions of universal love coming to us in personal form. Angels don’t want to be worshiped  they just want us to experience happiness and peace on Earth.

If you would like to join us at our Angel workshop, book today.

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