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Souled In Love

Bottle Of Sorrow

Bottle Of Sorrow

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Bottle Of Sorrow

This bottle comes with the verse

“This little bottle is symbolic of your sorrow

The day will come when you suddenly see beyond your tears

and can lay down the burden of your grief,

You will still hold the ache of the loss

and miss them, but there will be peace and joy in the remembrance of their  life.

When the day comes, you will know you are ready to let the grief go.

Use this bottle as a symbol of your release.

Open the bottle shed the grief, the darkness, the sadness.

How much sorrow you Spill out is up to you.

Replace the cork; the hurt that remains to blend is life moving forward with your love and memories.

The gold represents your loved one

Who continues to live on within your heart “

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