What are Angels?

Angels are non physical entities that vibrate at a different frequency than us physical mortals.

These spiritual custodians are always attempting to guide actions and interject thoughts that will be of benefit to us.

It all comes down to whether or not you have the capacity of mind and soul - Are you willing to believe in powers that are trying to stop humanity from it’s own cold and destructive hands?


Do you see patterns that go beyond the norm?

It a mystery as to how these guardians came to protect and care for us.

I believe that this mystery is an inherent aspect of the infinite universe. As an element of the infinite, we all see different answers. Regardless of how you visualise the truth, the manner that angels appear have stayed the same for a long time.

Normally never manifesting as physical projection, they have a tendency to appear in more subtle ways.

The signs lists below are some of the more common experiences reported by people the world over.

  • Angel numbers and repeating patterns
    • You may start to notice the same number being repeated or catching your attention. This could be a sign from an angel. The more these numbers repeat, the stronger the message e.g. 2222 would tell you that you're on the right course and success is coming!
  • White feathers 
    • Feathers have been associated with angels for centuries - A sign of love and support from the angels, white feathers are a reminder that you are not alone
  • Coins
    • Do you always see pennies on the floor? If you go for a walk, is there always a path of coins on route? If so, angels may be leaving coins in your path to let you know they are here for you and abundance is on the way
  • Rainbows
    • The presence of a rainbow without the rain is a sign from the angels that everything will be ok and work out in the end. Be patient and keep your thoughts positive,


As a child I saw an Angel (or did I?)

I was bathed in a state of pure loving bliss in the presence. I spent many years with this question as I was not confident to explore what I saw without fear of ridicule.

Over the years my belief in Angels has strengthened and I have no doubt in my connection with them.

I could share my own stories all day about the times they have helped me in times of need or with basic requests for example a parking space or help finding something. Over the years I have shared my beliefs with people I trusted, and now I share these experiences publicly and no longer care if I'm judged.  Many people think that Angels only appeared during Biblical times or to the mystics, but Angels appear every day in different ways. There have been so many occasions where out of the blue a feather has appeared floating down in front of me as a reminder leaving others baffled.

I have a strong belief I am meant to share this knowledge with others as If I meet someone from my past they often make reference to a conversation we had I can’t recall where I offered them support and quoted the Angels.Angels can show up to ease suffering by bringing the presence of peace. I have always been supported by them if I am upset or in need of guidance.

When mum was very anxious after losing her handbag whilst suffering dementia I got to her house to find her crying and inconsolable. My dad and sister who are usually calm were at their wits end. There was no consoling mum that it didn’t matter if they couldn’t find her bag there was nothing in it anyway.

I walked in just in time (still unsure why I had decided to call in as I only had 5 minutes before I had to go back to work). I said I would find it and the family rolled their eyes and said they had looked everywhere.

The super power they forgot to use was asking for assistance from up above. I used my inner guidance and went to the cupboard under the stairs finding the bag.

I thanked the Angels for their help mum was so happy and my sister and dad couldn’t believe it as they had all the contents out prior to me coming. I was going back to work happy to have helped and picked a 4 inch white feather off my handbag before I was left.


Your Guardian Angel

You have a guardian Angel who has been with you from the moment you chose to come to Earth. This being of pure white light will be with you until you return to the centre of the universe.

In my opinion they are extensions of universal love coming to us in personal form.

Look out for reminders that your Angel is close by. You may find a feather, see double numbers jumping out at you or even hear a song on the radio with a message from them. You may hear a voice or voices when no one is around some people are honoured to see Angels while others are honoured to hear them.

What have you to lose by trying?

Ask for help start off with something achievable so there is no resistance on your side. When things start happening your life will never be the same again!


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