Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel

You have a Guardian Angel whether you believe it or not. Your Guardian Angel is a gift from God and loves you unconditionally and to it, you are the most important person in the world.

We have been trivialising Angels for some time — turning them into good luck charms rather than acknowledging them as the powerful and important forces they are. In truth, by degrading Angels we have been degrading ourselves.

I am not here to force anyone to believe, or say you have to listen, but maybe you should listen to me and be open to the possibility that you really do have a Guardian Angel.

God has chosen your Guardian Angel especially for you and appointed it the gatekeeper of your soul. Your Guardian Angel is unique to you: It has never been to Earth with any other soul and will never come to Earth with another soul.

If someone feels their life is a disaster, it’s not because they have an incompetent Guardian Angel. We have free choice. Our Guardian Angels are always there whispering in our ears, trying to get us to listen. It does its best to prompt us to make the right choice, even if it may not seem like the easy choice at the time.

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