Spiritual Exclusion?

Do You Worry You Don’t Fit In?

Being spiritual and believing in Angels is not everyone’s idea of normal but it is ours. We cant imagine being back in the spiritual closest again. We embrace what we believe and fortunately we spend time with people who allow us to be ourselves regardless if they share our beliefs or not.

At school we first begin to notice the differences between ourselves and other children, and we start to mirror the behaviour of a leading group in order to be accepted by them. This continues into adulthood, and we often unintentionally alter our words we use and even the tone of our voice, depending on who we’re talking to. Similarity is what links people together, and we deliberately seek out the similar and the recognizable in order to feel secure. If we are acting the same as everyone else, we must be doing it right, and finding a likeness of ourselves in those around us is a form of justification.

The need for acceptance is a basic human character although some value it more than others. We all want to fit in, to belong. In order to achieve that, we often present slightly different versions of who we are, depending on where we are and whom we are with.


Below are a few reasons why you may not be fitting in:

Your Friends Are Changing

Remember when you were really young and thought that your best friend would actually be your best friend forever? If he or she is still around, congratulations on a unique friendship. But it’s much more the norm for people to change and drift apart. . If they are still in your life and you are very different don’t dwell on this it may be time to make new friends with common interests.

You Are Guarded

To find and fit in with your people, you have to be your truest self. Try to be open, saying what you feel, and being present with them and see how they react. Those people, who stay with you in your moments of vulnerability, not judging you or criticising you, are truly your people.

You Worry Too Much About What Everyone Thinks

If ever there was a way to come across as awkward and uncomfortable in public, this is it. caring too much about what other people think. Try giving yourself a break, and loosening up a bit. The truth is as Eleanor Roosevelt so eloquently put it “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”

You Have Not Met Like Minded People Yet

If you feel like a stranger at work, or live on the outside of your friendship group it could be that you haven’t found ‘your type of people.’ These are the ones who truly get you, and want to know you on a deep level. To find them, you have to immerse yourself in things that are unabashedly you. Connecting with someone over shared interests will guarantee a good, true friendship.

You Haven’t Owned Your Individuality

Own your uniqueness by not doing so will only leave you with shallow friendships and colleagues who don’t “get you.” So confidently be yourself. The sooner you embrace YOU the sooner you’ll find where you fit and start feeling more fulfilled by your life and relationships.

You Are Trying Too Hard

There’s nothing wrong with putting effort into your relationships. But pay attention to where and why you’re putting in that effort, as it may be a waste of time. A common mistake we make when we feel we don’t belong is to try and fit in. If you feel like you don’t belong, there’s a chance you don’t, and this is OK. When this happens, politely move on to someone more deserving of your attention.


If you feel like you are not quite ‘normal’ because you feel like a square peg in a round hole in this life remember there is nothing wrong with you. Maybe you need to find out what it is you can do with it perhaps influence the world? If like us you do believe in wanting to feel better about your life join us on Tuesday!

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