Simple Steps to Inner Peace

Simple Steps To Inner Peace


Be the Energy that you Desire

To have peace, then be peaceful. This works for anything that you want to create on your manifesting journey. You have to be the energy of what you long for.


How to Manifest More Peace In to Your Life

Set clear intentions to put peace into your life put peace  in your diary to make sure that you experience it or you could create a reminder on your phone. If you don’t make time for peace it could result in stress, anxiety and insomnia.


Put Self-Care in your Diary

 Taking care of yourself is one of the fastest avenues to manifest peacefulness into your life. Remember what they say on the aeroplane put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. Take this analogy into life – we need to look after ourselves to be able to help others.
Book a Reiki session, massage or pamper session.


Remember to be more Mindful

Turning your intention to manifest peace into a ritual can be incredibly powerful. Bringing mindfulness to the mundane is an opportunity to bring more awareness to the present moment. Close your eyes in the shower, feel grateful as your feet land on the floor when you get out of bed in the morning or for your first drink of the day. Even the busiest person can create time for stillness and mindfulness.


Abandon what Doesn’t Serve You

Recall that drama driven conversation you had, think or when you reacted before thinking. Remember when you raised your voice It didn’t serve you and it will never bring you peace. You need to practice letting go of the behaviours, activities that don’t contribute to your well being or maybe even people


Surrender What Is

Rather than resisting and fighting, just stop struggling.
Resistance blocks energy and creativity. How can you find a solution when you are tense? This week try disconnecting yourself from any situation or person and viewing  it from a detached perspective.
Good Luck

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