Overcoming Fears

What Are You Scared Of?

Everyone is afraid, we are everyone is! The only difference between you and the successful people you admire that they are willing to work and move through their fears in order to get where they want to be. If you don’t learn how to face these fears they will control your mind, body, and spirit. Once you understand how you can dissolves fear, it minimises and then it is no longer a threat. 

What was I afraid of?

This week my sister and I arranged to visit my aunt in Liverpool she lives in Stock-bridge Village and the plan was to take her to visit my other aunt in her care home.

I don’t like driving to Liverpool I have drove there once before via the Runcorn bridge, but knew there had been changes so I put on my big girls knickers and decided to go out of my comfort zone and drive through the tunnel.

On the journey my sister informs me my aunt was in hospital so we had to drive to the outskirts of Liverpool collect one aunt and then drive into the city centre. I felt sick!! my first thought was we can’t visit her, these aunties are mums only surviving sisters who mean the world to us. 

I had a choice - let others down and miss seeing the family or face my fears.

I considered what I would say to someone else in this situation “what is the worst that could happen?” and could only think we may get lost. I could reason I could ask for directions or use the sat-nav, all would be ok. I asked the Angels for support and started the journey from one aunts house to the hospital.

There were a few wrong turns (just like life) however we arrived in the city safe and visited my other aunt. We laughed with these ladies who have the same mannerisms as our late mum for a moment it felt like mum was in the room with us, This opportunity would have been missed if I hadn’t faced my fear of driving in the city.

In facing our fears we need to identify our fears – and our goals. Knowing what we want, as well as what we don’t want, allows us to stay focused to pursue our goals. In facing our fears involves taking baby steps to build our confidence.

Our brains are wired to focus on fear as a method of ensuring our survival. As a caveman, this was a very important skill. If our ancestors didn’t respond to every noise in the trees, they could have been confronted attacked and eaten by a tiger We are not threatened by death on a daily basis. Instead, we are threatened by traffic (in my case) our boss’ approval, social situations and many other daily events that generate a sense of anxiety and fear.

The next time you are in a terrifying situation try the following:

Believe in yourself

Focus your attention on being ready, willing, and prepared for the success, , good fortune, and great experiences that are yours if you are willing to work and be open to it. You deserve the best no matter what.

Learn something new

Get a life coach join meet up. Learn new skills and take action on what you learn. Fear lessens in an environment of this kind.

Take your fear get rid of it

Let go of feeling embarrassed, and facing rejection or failure. Accept failure as a part of life. Get through it and get over it.

Lean into your fear

Do the things that frighten you.by taking one small step, then another. Action builds courage. Tell yourself, “This fear will pass.”

Consider your past accomplishments

We tend to beat ourselves up when we fail and fail to celebrate when we succeed. Strengthen your belief in yourself by reflecting on each decade of your life and every success you’ve experienced. Write it all down. You’ll be inspired, motivated and amazed your list and how and can be used to face your fear.

Relax your body

Unclench your jaw, relax your forehead, open your fists and breathe


Your world expands as your courage and willingness to grow increases. Open up your world, today by facing your fears.

Please contact us with any fears you overcome,

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