Changes for the Better

Letting the Universe Accommodate My Wishes

Changes for the better

This week I completed my notice period.
I left a job with security , pension, sick pay and paid holidays.
All those benefits, but was I fulfilled? No.
I was restricted in helping people by the organisations structure and I spent more time completing admin tasks rather than changing peoples lives through my assessing or teaching.

In February after mum passed away, I reevaluated my working pattern. For the last few years I have alongside my business partner Chloe, helped people. Whether this help came from people attending our groups, Reiki  healing or if I bought someone a gift to offer support in difficult tomes, it felt right.

I knew I wanted to help others and do it in a format I was comfortable with. I spend time telling others to follow their gut, so that’s what I did. It seems since I made the decision, the universe knew I was serious. I have a lot of appointments booked in the next weeks for Spiritual coaching, Reiki and card readings. Making these appointments at times to suit myself and the client is liberating in itself. I recognise there are different issues that come with being self employed but with my positive attitude I am confident that I will overcome any if they arise.

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