Angel Numbers

Angels making contact

Number sequences are a clever way the angels use to bypass filters. You may not be able to clearly hear the messages from your angels yet, so in order to get your attention your angels may nudge you to wake up every morning at 5:55 to get your attention, or to glance at your clock at 11:11. When this happens, your angels are delivering you a message, and helping you to become aware of their presence in a way that can’t be blocked out by your ego or subconscious mind. When you keep seeing a recurring sequence of numbers, it is more than just a clever coincidence; it’s a message from your angels! Within the particular sequences of numbers which appear, are hidden meanings, and insightful guidance from beyond the physical. It’s just a matter of being open enough to know there is a message, and then being willing to tune in and figure out what it means!

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